Winter Newsletter 2017
These cooler months are a great time to start thinking about pruning back your trees.  The winter months are the perfect time to prune as the trees are dormant, and pruning gives them the attention they require to get them looking great for summer.

Our team of qualified arborists are trained to prune, reduce, thin or shape your trees so they retain their integrity, look good and let as much light into your house as you require.

Winter is also  the perfect time to prune fruit trees and set them up for spring growth.  It is important that this is done professionally, as pruning can make a difference to the volume of fruit produced by your trees.

Pruning your trees can also make a big difference to improving the health of your lawn in those shaded areas.  Pruning helps to get more sunlight on to the lawn and in turn, reduce the amount of moss growth.

Mulching the garden at this time of year is also a great idea.  It will not only prevent the weeds from taking over, but it also provides a good base for summer and will help with retaining the moisture in the soil when the plants need it most in the coming warmer months.

Our team are passionate about their work and can offer advice on the best way to care for your trees.

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