Summer 2019

It is time to get into the garden again, summer is here and many trees and shrubs are flowering. We would like to remind our clients, now is a good time to get your trees assessed. With the recent winds we have had in the region, damage can easily occur if overextended limbs or crowns are not reduced.

We would recommend the thinning of Citrus trees as soon as the fruit are harvested. Often the lack of air circulating through the canopy can lead to insect infestations and fungi damaging the trees.

Also you might find gaps in your garden to fill in with something new. Now is a good time to think about planting or replacing of old and tired trees with new strong specimens!

Mulching the garden at this time of year is also a great idea.  It will not only prevent the weeds from taking over, but it also provides a good base for summer and will help with retaining the moisture in the soil when the plants need it most in these warmer months.

Now is also a great time to get that firewood in for winter. 

Our qualified arborists are trained to prune, reduce, thin or shape your trees so they retain their integrity, and look good.  We are passionate about our work and can offer advice on the best way to care for your trees.

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